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Preview of 2022 Courses


2022 Course Listing

Preview of 2022 courses will be available in December.

Public Health

SessionDept. Num. & Title
IPUBHLTH 1 Principles of Public Health ***ONLINE COURSE***
IPUBHLTH 7B Public Health Statistics II
IPUBHLTH 10 Stress Managment ***ONLINE COURSE***
IPUBHLTH 60 Environmental Quality and Health ***ONLINE COURSE***
IPUBHLTH 101 Introduction to Epidemiology
IPUBHLTH 127 Public Health Programs for the Corporate World ***ONLINE COURSE***
IPUBHLTH 135 Medical Sociology ***ONLINE COURSE***
IPUBHLTH 139 Health Professions & Institutions
IPUBHLTH 159 Social Relationships and Health/Health Behavior
10 WkPUBHLTH 195W Public Health Practicum and Culminating Experience
IIPUBHLTH 2 Case Studies in Public Health Practice ***ONLINE COURSE***
IIPUBHLTH 102 Social Epidemiology
IIPUBHLTH 122 Health Policy
IIPUBHLTH 126 Public Health Law: Fundamentals in Action
IIPUBHLTH 170 Introduction to Global Health ***ONLINE COURSE***
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