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2022 Course Listing

Preview of 2022 courses will be available in December.

Psychological Science

SessionDept. Num. & Title
IPSCI 9 Introduction to Psychology ***ONLINE COURSE***
IPSCI 11A Psychology Fundamentals
IPSCI 11B Psychology Fundamentals ***ONLINE COURSE***
IPSCI 101D Life Span Developmental Psychology ***ONLINE COURSE***
IPSCI 103H Health Psychology ***ONLINE COURSE***
IPSCI 104S Social Animal: An Introduction to Social Psychology
IPSCI 110D Infant Development ***ONLINE COURSE***
IIPSCI 9 Introduction to Psychology ***ONLINE COURSE***
IIPSCI 11A Psychology Fundamentals
IIPSCI 11B Psychology Fundamentals
IIPSCI 11C Psychology Fundamentals
IIPSCI 102C Abnormal Psychology ***ONLINE COURSE***
IIPSCI 111D Child Development ***ONLINE COURSE***
IIPSCI 137H Human Stress
IIPSCI 183S Social Epidemiology
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