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AC ENG (Academic English and ESL) HISTORY (History)
AFAM (African American Studies) HUMAN (Humanities)
ANTHRO (Anthropology) I&C SCI (Donald Bren School of Info&Comp Sciences)
ART (Art) IN4MATX (Informatics)
ART HIS (Art History) INTL ST (International Studies)
ASIANAM (Asian American Studies) ITALIAN (Italian)
BATS (Biomedical and Translational Science) JAPANSE (Japanese)
BIO SCI (Biological Sciences) KOREAN (Korean)
CHC/LAT (Chicano Latino Studies) LPS (Logic & Philosophy of Science)
CHEM (Chemistry) LSCI (Language Science)
CLASSIC (Classics) MATH (Mathematics)
COGS (Cognitive Sciences) MED HUM (Medical Humanities)
COM LIT (Comparative Literature) MGMT (Management)
COMPSCI (Computer Science) MGMTMBA (Management MBA)
CRM/LAW (Criminology, Law and Society) MUSIC (Music)
DANCE (Dance) NUR SCI (Nursing Science)
DRAMA (Drama) PHILOS (Philosophy)
EARTHSS (Earth System Science) PHRMSCI (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
EAS (East Asian Studies) PHYSICS (Physics)
ECON (Economics) POL SCI (Political Science)
EDUC (Education) PSCI (Psychological Science)
ENGLISH (English) PSYCH (Psychology)
ENGR (Engineering) PUBHLTH (Public Health)
  • BME (Biomedical Engineering)
REL STD (Religious Studies)
  • ENGRCEE (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
RUSSIAN (Russian)
  • EECS (Electrical Engineering &Computer Science)
SOC SCI (Social Science)
  • ENGRMAE (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
SOCECOL (Social Ecology)
  • MSE (Materials Science and Engineering)
SOCIOL (Sociology)
EURO ST (European Studies) SPANISH (Spanish)
FLM&MDA (Film and Media Studies) STATS (Statistics)
FRENCH (French) UNI STU (University Studies)
GEN&SEX (Gender and Sexuality Studies) UPPP (Urban Planning and Public Policy)
GERMAN (German) WRITING (Writing)
GLBLCLT (Global Cultures)