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Unreliable Narrators

ENGLISH 102D (4.0 units)Session II

Studies of works representative of 20th-century literature in English, with attention to literary history, treating at a minimum more than one author and more than one genre.Prerequisite: Three courses selected from ENGLISH 8, ENGLISH 9, ENGLISH 10, ENGLISH 11, ENGLISH 12, ENGLISH 15, ENGLISH 16, ENGLISH 17. Or LIT JRN 20 and LIT JRN 21 and one course selected from the above list.Repeatability: Unlimited as topics vary.

Instructor(s) Bartlett, J.
Schedule TuTh 9:00 - 11:50am, Donald Bren Hall (Computer Science III) 1200
Units 4.0
Course Code 23350
UC Undergraduate (per unit) $ 279.00
UC Graduate (per unit) $ 349.00
Visitor (per unit) $ 349.00
Note(s) None