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Hurricanes, Tsunamis, and Other Catastrophes ***ONLINE COURSE***

EARTHSS 17 (4.0 units)Session I

Introduction to the basic science and state of predictability of various natural catastrophic events including earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, landslides, floods, hurricanes, fires, and asteroid impacts and their interactions and implications with human society in the U.S. and globally. Overlaps with PUBHLTH 90. (II and (VA or VIII) ). Online Course. Access your online course in MyEEE the week prior to the Session start date.

Instructor(s) Nicewonger, M.
Schedule TuTh 1:00 - 3:50pm, Online LINE
Units 4.0
Course Code 42040
UC Undergraduate (per unit) $ 279.00
UC Graduate (per unit) $ 357.00
Visitor (per unit) $ 357.00
eTech Fee $ 4.00
Note(s) Online course. Visit for information.