Introduction to Digital Logic Laboratory ***ONLINE COURSE***

EECS 31L (3.0 units)Session II

Introduction to common digital integrated circuits: gates, memory circuits, MSI components. Operating characteristics, specifications, applications. Design of simple combinational and sequential digital systems (arithmetic processors game-playing machines). Construction and debugging techniques using hardware description languages and CAD tools. (Design units: 3). Prerequisite: EECS 31 and (EECS 10 or EECS 12 or ICS 32). Online Course. Access your online course in MyEEE the week prior to the Session start date.

Instructor(s) Dang, Q.
Schedule TuTh 2:00 - 2:50pm, Online LINE
Units 3.0
Course Code 16460
UC Undergraduate (per unit) $ 279.00
UC Graduate (per unit) $ 349.00
Visitor (per unit) $ 349.00
Note(s) Online course. Visit for information.