Transnational Gangs

SOC SCI 120 (4.0 units)Session I

Examines the internationalization of U.S. domestic street gangs. The relationship between California gangs Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street and Mexico/Central American gangs is assessed. Specified topics include: mobilization, migration, territorialism, culture, organization, and use of technology. Same as IS 130. Overlaps with SSCI XI120, IS XI130.

Instructor(s) Valdez, A.
Schedule TuTh 9:00 - 11:50am, Multipurpose Science & Technology Bldg 118
Units 4.0
Course Code 70120
UC Undergraduate (per unit) $ 279.00
UC Graduate (per unit) $ 349.00
Visitor (per unit) $ 349.00
Note(s) None